Just before Eastern, here is a new update and our new Video!


Hello BikeClip enthousiasts,

please check our new video where Maurice uses our new add-on, Bottom Bracket, soon available via our new web shop in our new website.

Before the Eastern weekend find below a new update on production progress. Things are moving!

Happy Eastern to you all and go out and ride!

Team BikeClip


Current ETA’s and developments:

• March 2017 Production of filler caps – finished!
• March 2017 Production of the Base part – in production
• March 2017 Production of the Design Cover – in production
• March 2017 Production of the Travel Bag –finished!
• March 2017 Production of the Aluminum struts – finished!
• March 2017 New mold silicon protection sleeves – finished!
• March 2017 New design metal inlay plate ready – finished!
• March 2017 New mold arm pieces – finished!
• April 2017 Product assembly
• April 2017 Sea freight container transport to our Dutch warehouse
• May 2017 ETA to our Dutch warehouse
• Early June 2017 Final Quality check
• Early June 2017 Final delivery of your BikeClip (globally)


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