BikeClip Kickstarter campaign got funded


BikeClip Kickstartercampaign got funded in 13 days. ‘’We are amazed how quickly we have achieved our goal of EUR 20.000. What an exhilarating ride it has been and there are still 19 days to go!’’, CEO and founder Paulssen. 72 supporting backers pledging EUR 20.057 and ordering 235 BikeClips in total. Paulssen: ‘’We will go on with our Kickstarter campaign for the next 19 days. We will keep our fans updated in the coming two weeks about all our progress in manufacturing, shipping and all other developments. Thank you so much everybody!’’

BikeClip by Maurice Paulssen

After successfully developing a multi bicycle bike stand for city municipalities, Dutch cyclist Maurice Paulssen is back. This time with an innovative bike stand for personal use, which he is launching on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. “The idea for BikeClip actually came to me after a bike trip with friends”, says CEO and Founder Paulssen. “We concluded that we needed a stand to easily park our bikes in while cleaning the bike, pumping tires, doing small repairs and lube chains. A stand as strong and safe as the ones I created in the past for city municipalities, but then for personal use and affordable. After doing some research I concluded that such a bike stand still had to be developed. And here we are.”

One size fits all bikes (and cyclists)

BikeClip is designed with all types of bikes in mind. The patented ‘v-shape design’ holds race bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes and even electric bikes in place on their front or rear fork. This prevents unwanted damages to your bike. But BikeClip offers more than just a safer way to park your bike. It helps cyclists in keeping their garages organised and keeping their bikes in shape.


With weighing only 3.5 kilograms, you can easily pick BikeClip up and carry it with you on your next cycling trip (a travel bag is included). Paulssen: “The first prototypes are made with fibre reinforced plastics and lightweight aluminium to keep the stand lightweight yet strong and durable.” For extra sturdiness BikeClip can be filled with up to 10 litres of water or sand, while it can also be anchored into the ground.


After pitching his idea to Eindhoven based start-up accelerator LUMO labs things went fast. The first prototypes were made and extensively tested amongst (semi) professional cyclists and ‘normal’ cyclists. This resulted in further improvements towards the final product, such as a cover that can carry a custom graphic design. Today the team takes the next and final step to mass production, by launching BikeClip on Kickstarter.


Paulssen: “Our goal was to collect EUR 20.000 with our Kickstarter campaign. Today we can tell you that our campaign got funded. This amount will help us to start producing BikeClip. Besides our prototypes we already sourced materials, selected a quality manufacturer for BikeClip and a great logistics partner. This makes us very confident in making BikeClip a worldwide success.”

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