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SKU: 2017-EXT-001


The BikeClip holds every type of bike. It’s solid, easy and no nonsense. One great stand for 6 good reasons:

  1. Holds any bike on its front or rear fork.
  2. Protects your bike’s derailleurs or disc brakes.
  3. For all wheel sizes.
  4. Keeps bikes upright.
  5. Easy to take with you.
  6. Durable and solid quality.

The BikeClip Travel bag is always included!

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Product Description


Everybody is a BikeClip kind a person


You want to beat nature. Alone, or with your friends. Going off road. Climb steep hills. Concur rugged trails. And park your bike in style. So you can easily clean it. And keep it in optimal condition.


You are a bike believer. You transport your kids, groceries, shopping bags and even your dog… on your bike. You depend on your two-wheeler. And that’s why you want to stall it, solid.


You are a garage warrior. No messy heap of rubbish in your storage. The tools are in the toolkit, the garbage is stored in separate bins. And the bikes are neatly stalled in an upright position. Safe and solid, in a clip you can rely on.


Easy and quick


Assembling the BikeClip is guaranteed 100% hassle free! In 4 quick steps. So plug, play & ride your bike with pride and take good care of it. Then we’ll take care of you and your bike with many more inventions to come!


Solid Dutch design


BikeClip will be produced with metal reinforced plastic and lightweight aluminium to keep the stand portable. The BikeClip only weighs 3.5 kg so you can take it wherever you want, using the special BikeClip travel bag. Filled with water or sand the BikeClip keeps your bike steady, providing maximum stability weighing up to 13.5 kg.


Small but powerfull


Small in size, but it’s performance is mindblowing!


Additional Information

Gewicht 4.50 kg
Afmetingen 48.5 × 36 × 24 cm

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